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Twist Tubes filled with Formalin

Our Twist Tubes are made of pure PP, lucid and have a screw cap made of HDPE. The respectively smaller one fits in the next larger one, which can thus be used as secondary vessel. On request, you recieve a suitable absorbent pad, which are required for non-hospital transport.


08-0081        Twist Tube 20 ml, Ø 26,5 mm, height 46.6 mm   

                            1 Qty. = 1.000 pcs.

08-0082        Twist Tube 35 ml, Ø 33,6 mm, height 53.2 mm      

                            1 Qty. = 500 pcs.

08-0083        Twist Tube 50 ml, Ø 33,6 mm, height 73 mm         

                            1 Qty. = 500 pcs.

08-0084        Twist Tube 100 ml, Ø 42,5 mm, height 86.5 mm        

                            1 Qty. = 250 pcs.


You get the Twist Tube also filled with Formalin:

08-0081/F        Twist Tube,  20 ml, 1 Qty. = 1000 pcs.

08-0082/F        Twist Tube,  35 ml, 1 Qty. = 750 pcs.

08-0083/F        Twist Tube,  50 ml, 1 Qty. = 600 pcs.

08-0084/F        Twist Tube, 100 ml,1 Qty. = 288 pcs.

You get the Twist Tubes, labeled with the dangerous goods symbol or a label with your office address!

08-00xx/FX Twist Tubes, xx ml volume, filled with Formalin, covered with the symbol

08-00xx/FE Twist Tubes, xx ml volume, filled with Formalin, decorated with a label your institute

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