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Tweezer Station eTemp 2, with heated tweezers

The eTemp2 is an electrically heated forceps system, which is very helpful when preparing histological or histopathological samples.

In order to prevent small specimens from getting caught on cooled tweezer tips, the tweezers must be repeatedly removed from the specimen and removed by external means such as B. a flame or in an embedding station.

The eTemp2 works with a safe extra-low voltage and temperature-controlled heating elements that keep the tweezer tips constantly at an optimal temperature for processing specimens in histological paraffin.

This model is a full metal tweezers with medical plastic insulation, which is only heated at the tweezers tips.

The housing is made of welded stainless steel and is powder coated.

Cleaning and contact with solvents are no problem with this housing.

Screw-on tweezers are optionally available, including a spring steel cable boom. This means that the connection cable is out of the way while working with the tweezers.

• no temperature setting
• no annoying reheating
• full concentration during sample processing
• faster embedding, increasing productivity
• no defects in the tweezers insulation
• no contact problems at the tweezers connection
• Tweezers from 0.5 - 4 mm in two different designs and with a thermally highly resilient plastic insulation.


15-0074     Tweezers Station

15-0075     Spring Gallows for cable routing

15-0076     Tweezers, straight 0.5 mm, for very fine biopsy specimens

15-0077     Tweezers, straight 1 mm, for fine biopsy specimens

15-0078     Tweezers, straight 2 mm, for medium-sized biopsy specimens

15-0079     Tweezers, straight 4 mm, for large biopsy specimens

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