R. Langenbrinck GmbH

Coverfilm IPI Pathotape®

The cellulose-based Coverfilm IPI Pathotape® is characterized by its unique flexibility. This gives it the ability to enclose the covered preparation airtight and to protect it reliably against dust, moisture or accidental contact.

Long-term storage of the preparation without loss of quality is guaranteed. The special "VarioTexture" surface structure of the film improves the adhesion over a long period of time without restricting the clear transparency of the film after covering. Even when the specimen is stored for a long time, there is no clouding, no annoying cracks or structural changes, and the tissue sample presents itself with outstanding optical sharpness and clarity for microscopic Analysis.

Since the use of cover glasses or additional mounting media is unnecessary, IPI Pathotape® is the time-saving, inexpensive and safe alternative to the conventional mounting method under glass in daily laboratory operations.



No aromatic solvents


No scratching or stained cover glasses

No splintering edges and extremely low cutting dust

Large tolerance regarding the storage temperature: 5 ° C to 30 ° C

Outstanding transparency and visual representation over a long period of time without structural changes

Made in Germany under clean room conditions

Shelf life 12 months from production

24mmx70m for covering approx.1,400 cuts per roll



14-0025 IPI Pathotape® cover film, PU = 1 pc.