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Pipette Tips

Pipette Tips for the established Brand, Gilson and Eppendorf Pipettes.

For more Pipette Tips ask us directly so we can offer you the required tip.




21-0001      Pipette Tips blue

                          up to 1.000 µl for Eppendorf pipettes


21-0002      Pipette Tips yellow

                          up to 100 µl for Eppendorf pipettes


21-0003      Pipette Tips white

                         from 0,5 - 10 µl for Eppendrof pipettes

21-0004      Pipette Tips white

                         from 0,5 - 2 µl for Eppendorf pipettes


1 Qty. = 1.000 pcs.


Other versions are available on request.

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