R. Langenbrinck GmbH


You can get our gloves made of different materials.

The gloves are made of Latex, Vinyl or nitrile suit perfectly for the daily laboratory work.

On demand you can get more gloves which are suitable for working with particular chemicals.




13-0001      Gloves made of vinyl, powdered


13-0011      Gloves made of vinyl, without powder


13-0003      "Meditrade"-Gloves made of nitrile, without powder


13-0004      "Semperguard"-Gloves made of latex, powdered


13-0005      Finger Cots made of latex, rolled, without powder


13-0009      "Vasco"-Gloves made of nitril, without powder


13-0010      "Kleiser"-Gloves made of latex, without powder


1 Qty. = 100 pcs.

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