R. Langenbrinck GmbH

Cryo Tubes

Cryo Tubes are made of PP and are delivered sterile.

They have got a screw cap with a internal thread, a title block and a scale.

Cryo Tubes are suitable for deep cooling of your examination samples.




08-0088            Cryo Tube with screw cap

                                38 x 12,5 mm (HxØ)

08-0088/K      Cryo Tube with screw Cap and a cross stand

                                38 x 12,5 mm (HxØ)

08-0089            Cryo Tube with screw cap

                                54 x 12,5 mm (HxØ)

08-0089/K      Cryo Tube with screw cap and a cross stand

                                54 x 12,5 mm (HxØ)

1 Qty. = 1.000 pcs.

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