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The Preparation-Boxes are made of heavy carton and have got a stillage in the inside. The entire preparation-box is coated with noble black structure carton. Two metal closure serve as closure. The arrangement of the slides is made of PE and  numbered separate. The standard-preparation-boxes are made of slides with the dimensions 26 x 76 mm. There is an index glued into the cap of the preparation-box.


06-0030                   Preparation-Box for

                                       25 slides


06-0031                   Preparation-Box for

                                       50 slides


06-0032                   Preparation-Box for

                                       100 slides


06-0032/5276     Preparation-Box for

                                      100 slides 52 x 76 mm


06-0032/2848     Preparation-Box for

                                      100 slides 28 x 48 mm

1 Qty. = 1 pcs.

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