R. Langenbrinck GmbH

About Us

R. Langenbrinck GmbH Labor- und Medizintechnik is an owner-managed company.

The company was founded in 1965 by Renate Langenbrinck. In 2003 she was taken over by her daughter Sibylle Langenbrinck. The company's name and logo have been part of it from the start and have now developed into a brand.

R. Langenbrinck GmbH has had its company domicile in the commercial area in Emmendingen since 2007. In order to be able to offer you an even faster delivery service, we have built a warehouse with 260 m² and an office building. In 2013 the warehouse was expanded by a further 190 m².

Our aim is to be able to quickly deliver high-quality and inexpensive products with the highest level of service. Our goal is to meet your requirements.

In September 2015 we celebrated our 50th company anniversary. In October 2016 we changed our name to a GmbH.

We are very proud that you are our customers and very grateful that you have supported us over the years. Thank you so much!
We hope you enjoy our homepage and hope that it will meet your expectations.

We are at any time available.
Your team from R. Langenbrinck GmbH